Elco Anti-Wear Hydraulic, R&O and Compressor Additives

The Elco Corporation manufactures a variety of Anti-Wear Hydraulic additives suitable to meet most US and International standards of performance. Unique within the market is the ashless and biodegradable chemistry used in Elco 160.

Elco Product Applications Features
126 Basic AWH Performance AW package with antifoam, water separation and corrosion inhibition
148P Premium AWH Performance World wide Group I-IV base oils
HF-0, DIN, AFNOR, Cincinnati Machine, GM
160 Premium AWH, Compressor, R&O, Turbine Oils Ashless & biodegradable Premium grade performance, including most international standards Chemistry unique to Elco Group I-IV base oils
498 R&O
Turbine Oils
Cincinnati Machine, GE, US Steel, BS Siemens