Elco Corrosion Inhibitors

The Elco Corporation manufactures a variety of Corrosion Inhibitors to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion and rust. In particular for copper corrosion, Elco uses a unique process which produces a highly efficient product, Elco 461, that provides outstanding protection of non-ferrous metals across a wide spectrum of base fluids. The extremely low treat rates for Elco 461 provide an additional benefit in that they do not trigger regulatory label requirements.

Elco Product Applications Features
301 Rust inhibitor for MWF and basic industrial oils Phosphorus-based component to provide rust protection for ferrous metals. Also provides some AW and FM. Use in MWF, IGO
461 Corrosion protection for non-ferrous metals Highly efficient corrosion protection for soft non-ferrous metals. Soluble in most base fluids. Can be used at levels from ppm to 1.0% in MWF, Greases, IGO, AWH, Slideway lubricants. Compatible with most other components and performance packages.