Elco ZDDP’s Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates

The Elco Corporation manufactures a wide variety of ZDDP’s. By modifying the alkyl group structure and type, Elco has designed a broad range of specialty applications into the line of ZDDP’s. All have excellent antiwear and oxidation properties. Use the table below to assist in finding the product that matches your application, or contact your local Elco representative for further assistance.

Elco Product Component alcohol(s) Elemental data in weight% Applications
102 2 primary alcohol system
Zn 10.5
S 20.0
P 9.0
Hydraulics, grease, metalworking and crankcase lubricants.
103 3 alcohols
2 primary
1 secondary
Zn 9.2
S 18.5
P 9.0
Crankcase, grease and metalworking.
105 2 primary alcohols
Zn 10.5
S 19.5
P 9.5
Hydraulics, crankcase, grease and metalworking.
108 1 primary branched, alcohol
Zn 9.5
S 15.0
P 7.5
Hydraulics, grease and metalworking.