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Elco 2020LO

2020LO – A new very high extreme pressure additive

Today’s metalworking formulators are asking for additive options and formulas that do not use chlorinated EP additives. Chlorinated EP additives are falling out of favor all over the world due to environmental concerns. The Elco Corporation has been working for several years to create metalworking additives that can effectively replace chlorinated paraffin. You already know Elco 670 and its effectiveness for mild to medium duty metalworking operations. We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest EP additive, Elco 2020LO.

A few years ago we developed Elco 2020 to provide an additive that does not use chlorinated paraffin in metalworking. The performance of Elco 2020 was superior to any other non-chlorinated EP system at that time. However, it was based on the traditional dark, foul, sulfur odor chemistry. Elco 2020LO not only is a product with virtually no odor, but we added even higher levels of performance. For example:

• 4% Elco 2020LO in an ISO 220 base oil gives an 800kg weld load.
• 6% Elco 2020LO will pass and exceed 800kg before welding.

Current metalworking fluids using chlorinated paraffin’s need treatment rates at 30% or above to get this level of performance. This makes Elco 2020LO an extremely cost effective option.

Elco 2020LO can be used for the most difficult machining operations where chlorinated paraffin is normally used. These include, fine blanking, heavy drawing, gun drilling, punch presses and many others. All this performance comes with almost no odor and an ASTM D 1500 color of 2.

Samples and commercial quantities are available.

Link to data sheet