Elco / Built on our ability to solve problems

Elco makes over 100 products and more than half are custom designed for specific customers. Often, these products are developed with continuous input and feedback from the customer to assure commercial success. This willingness and ability to work with customers both large and small, results in unique products which may be exclusive for the customer. Our focus on customer service and custom products is one of the ways Elco differentiates itself from the competition.

The following product summaries are brief descriptions of a sampling of Elco products. Many others are available, as is more detailed information on the listed products. We listen to our customers. Contact us for further information.

Elco 126 Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Additive
Elco 148P Antiwear Hydraulic Fluid Additive
Elco 160 Ashless Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Additive
Elco Grease Products
Elco 313A Slideway Lubricant Additive
Elco 325 Paper Machine Oil Additive
Elco 391 Industrial Gear Oil Additive
Elco 393D Industrial Gear Oil Additive
Elco 461 Copper Passivator Metal Deactivator
Elco 498 Turbine and R&O Hydraulic Oil Additive
Elco 2020LO Light Color, Low Odor Metalworking Package
Elco 670 Extreme Pressure Additive
Elco Sulfurized Products
Elco Light Color, Low Odor Sulfurized Products
Elco Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate Products